1. my entire reproductive system has been replaced by a slide projector

  2. The Year We Discovered the Candy Drop
    The Year We Discovered the Candy Drop

  3. A tuba (with a microphone in it)

  4. Folk or Stereo Separation in Thrift Stores

  5. A <3 Named Spooky

  6. if I'm too fat for you, why don't you come over here and suck out all the fat?

  7. Babb's Bridge

  8. on Teufelsberg
    Audrey Chen + id m theft able

  9. clean houses exude fear

  10. 1998

  11. 1 Drizzle and 7 Rains (for Billy)

  12. and the smell of a blown out candle.

  13. Teeth Teething
    i'd m thfft able

  14. 2 Autoharps, A Snowmobile, Some Snowplows, A Premature Snowblower

  15. Star Guts

  16. No.

  17. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In
    i dick m the f table

  18. Sand Down Your Pelvis

  19. Andrea Pensado + id m theft able
    Andrea Pensado + id m theft able

  20. Feb 27 1999
    Shea & Skot of Maine

  21. and I pulled the word "and" from my beard

  22. Chants and Mantras of Munjoy and Big Boy

  23. the xylophoning of dirges

  24. J'ai Besoin De Toi
    i'd m + Angèle

  25. Split Angels No

  26. 03.03.03: Half The Beast, Just You And I
    Crank Sturgeon + id m theft able

  27. Blue Jay

  28. Some Fruit/And Tape

  29. Leaving the keyboard that plays itself down by the river between 2:30 and 3:30 AM August 3rd 2017

  30. Jowls Without A Face

  31. Paying $10/hour to dig a hole in Monroe
    Flandrew Fleisenberg + id m theft able

  32. Popsicles, Icicles, Baseball and Fancy Clothes
    i'd m thfft able

  33. Things I Might Write on the Egypt Road Rock
    i'd m thfft able

  34. n's On Fire
    i'd m thfft able

  35. Jimmy Page

  36. into onto sheets (the)
    i'd m thfft able

  37. Couche Tard Vs. Flying J
    i dmth efta ble

  38. A Dull Lit Spigot to Frown on O'clocks
    id m + Jay Z

  39. 3D Jet Scooter
    3D Jet Scooter

  40. Werther's Original
    i'd m thfft able

  41. Dedicated to Ace Frehley
    i'd m thfft able

  42. Width, Widths, Reach, Reaches, Length, Lengths
    i'd m thfft able

  43. Hangin' Flaccid Like a Wet Lilac
    i'd m thfft able

  44. Head Down Inna Vitamin Blush
    i'd m thfft able

  45. Slide Over et c.
    i dmth efta ble

  46. Notre Dame de la Plotte

  47. I'm on Flourescence

  48. Releaseless

  49. Organ Standards

  50. 1 Baked Hand
    i dmth efta ble

  51. Which Ponds Y Which Sugars Y Witch Ponds I've Witch

  52. E Custodial New Star Gaze

  53. Oboe Cold

  54. Endless Blooper
    i'd m thfft able

  55. Endless Blooper Ending
    i'd m thfft able

  56. Smidge Beats

  57. errored jellies//jellied errors

  58. Buttercup

  59. _____________ _____________
    dick the table / i.m.f.

  60. School Willwear This
    School Willwear This


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